Istituto di Ricerca e Documentazione sul lavoro e sulla religiosità a Napoli

About Us

About Us

Iris Fontanelle – Istituto di RicercaStorica e documentazione(Institute for Historical Research and Documentation) – is an association made up of I care Fontanelle, ArchivioForiaandCentroforia, with the aim of promoting studies and research about Neapolitan history.It focuses on work, religion and peculiarities of the territory in order to go against the image of a city overwhelmed with common places: pizza, mandolin, unemployment, superstition, magic and paganism.

This is not the present; it is not the past and it is must not be the future of the city of factory work, of arts and trade, home to Tommasod’Aquino and GiambattistaVico.

The commitment of Iris Fontanelle will start from stories and symbols of the controversial identity of Naples, from the Fontanelle historical graveyard, the Alfasud and the RioneSanità; it will start from stories and places whose identities have been defined not that much from how the others have depicted them but how the very Neapolitans have.

The Associations that made up Iris Fontanelle

I care Fontanelle is the association of the Fontanelle parish church, committed since the early 1980s to the defence and the development of the Fontanelle graveyard. Its young volunteers were the first to acknowledge the transformation of the ossuary from place of worship to historic cemetery. In the last few years, the association has performed a work of historical research on the ossuary and initiatives directed to civil and religious institutions that can be found on the blog: www.icare-fontanelle. I care is part of the Network of the RioneSanità animated by Alex Zanotelli.

ArchivioForia’smotto is ‘there is no identity without history and there is no history without documents’. The association is committed, in particular, to the preservation of documentation on the experiences of Alfasud workers and, more in general,work in Pomiglianod’Arco. It published, alongside with the Historical Archive of the Cgil Campania, four numbers of the dossiers of the Historical Archive of Pomiglianod’Arco.

Centro Foriahas committed, in the first decade of this century, to the enhancement of what was once the entrance of honour of the capital of the Kingdom of Naples. Its most significant achievement was the initiative and the battle, won, for the elimination of the lanes built in via Foria in the 1960s. The reconstruction of the wide pedestrian spaces has opened a new phase in the life of the great avenue. The initiative was accompanied by the publication of a book: “Via Foria – An itinerary of Naples.”


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Antonella Cristiani

Evaristo Gervasoni

Mariano Cigni

Pasquale Forte

Rocco Civitelli



Emanuele Tommaso Esposito

Giulia Volpe


Rocco Civitelli –


Pasquale Forte –


Napoli 80136, via Fontanelle, 78.

Among the young people who give their voluntary contribution to Iris Fontanelle we want to mention and thank Giovanni Lucarelli in particular: thanks to his comic strips, he helps to give an original identity to our association. We also thank the many visitors that during our guided tours take pictures, sometimes really beautiful: when they send them to us, we often use them on our website.

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